• 7signal offers an innovative hardware/software wireless quality assurance architecture designed to make healthcare and other mission-critical enterprise wireless LAN networks work – reliably.

    7signal Solutions


  • Acceptd is a recruiting and screening network with an initial focus in Visual & Performing Arts programs.

    Acceptd, Inc.


  • Aircraft Logs’ web-based record keeping services for corporate and private operators of aircraft helps them maintain compliance with FAA and IRS regulations

    AircraftLogs, Inc.


  • AquaBlok’s patented products employ bentonite-based composite material technology to address a wide range of water and chemical control challenges in the geotechnical, energy and environmental markets.

    AquaBlok, Ltd.


  • AssureRx was founded in 2006 to license and commercialize Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Mayo Clinic’s non-invasive pharmacogenetic technology

    AssureRx Health, Inc.


  • Brand Thunder specializes in building custom branded browsers for brand marketers, which provide IE, Firefox, and Chrome users with an exciting look and compelling content.

    Brand Thunder, LLC


  • BringShare produces a suite of white-label dashboard and reporting tools for digital marketing agencies

    BringShare Inc.


  • Cloud-based edutech platform which integrates with Student Information Systems to improve student outcomes and streamline workflows.

    Capture Education


  • Cardiox has developed and patented a non-invasive method for detecting the presence of a right-to-left cardiac shunt to enable closure before the occurrence of a debilitating or life threatening stroke or heart attack.

    CardiOx Corporation


  • SaaS attribution analytics platform for TV advertisers using cookie-less tracking and next day reporting.

    Clarivoy, Inc.


  • ClearSaleing is an industry-leading advertising analytics and attribution platform, enabling advertisers to increase sales volume and overall media mix profitability across their complex mix of advertising investments.


  • Cryothermic Systems is the maker of the patented EXCEL Cryo Cooling Colllar for selective cerebral therapeutic hypothermia.

    Cryothermic System, Inc.


  • Ecolbrium Solar produces the Ecofoot and Ecofoot II, which are universal polymer mounting systems for flat-roof solar PV installations.

    Ecolibrium Solar, Inc.


  • EndoSphere has developed and is commercializing an innovative device (SatiSphere) designed to treat obesity



  • Exacter helps electrical utilities improve the reliability of distribution and transmission systems

    Exacter, Inc.


  • This clinical stage company’s first product is an anti-coagulant catheter lock solution

    Great Lakes Pharma., Inc.


  • HTP Inc. develops software for the healthcare industry that improves efficiency, profitability and service quality. In 2008, HTP was acquired by McKesson (NYSE: MCK).

    HTP, Inc.

  • I2C designs, develops, integrates, supports and distributes Internet Protocol video surveillance solutions and access control on the basis of its proprietary state-of the ¬art system software and customized integrations.

    I2C Technologies, Ltd.


  • IncludeFitness is the creator of award-winning universally accessible functional strength training machine, The Access

    IncludeFitness, Inc.


  • nmobly has developed a patent-pending technology platform, branded PAUL (Predictive Automated User-centric Loading)

    inmobly, Inc.


  • IMS offers organizations a new level of interactivity and connectivity, allowing teams to easily communicate in ways never before possible from mobile devices.

    Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc.


  • In its Class 100 silicon foundry, the company produces micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)

    Midwest MicroDevices, LLC


  • MID has developed the FloShield system, a franchise of products that substantially improve visualization during laparoscopic surgery

    Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc.


  • NanoStatics provides solutions to the development of high performance materials in a broad scope of product applications through the practical use of nanofibers in a manufacturing environment.

    NanoStatics, Inc.


  • nChannel is the creator of the easy-to-use, cloud-based management platform for multi-channel retailers.

    nChannel, Inc.


  • Neuros is a Cleveland based company focused on developing proprietary neurostimulation therapies for unmet needs to patients worldwide

    Neuros Medical, Inc.


  • PreEmptive Solutions’ software and managed services monitor, measure and protect applications across cloud, on-premise, Internet and mobile platforms.

    PreEmptive Solutions


  • SageQuest delivers an end-to-end vehicle tracking solution enabling companies to manage their mobile resources with the same effectiveness as they manage their internal resources.

    SageQuest, Inc.

  • SeeMore Interactive, Inc.


  • Seen helps digital marketing agencies and brand execs leverage mobile photography to develop engaging visual marketing opportunities/campaigns

    Seen Digital Media, Inc.


  • SironRX is developing novel therapies exclusively licensed from Juventas Therapeutics and Cleveland Clinic that promote wound repair and prevent scarring of dermal wounds.

    SironRx Therapeutics, Inc.


  • SparkBase is a financial software company powering patent-pending loyalty processing, stored value, and customer marketing solutions for merchants.

    SparkBase, Inc.


  • SaaS-based predictive analytics for CPG manufacturers and retailers to optimize trade promotion spending.

    T-Pro Solutions, Inc.


  • TheraVasc is dedicated to reducing the risk, cost and time associated with drug development by focusing on developing repurposed drugs for unserved vascular disease markets

    TheraVasc Inc.


  • Traycer has built the first terahertz (THz) imager, which enables real-time, cost effective imaging for commercial applications and research.

    Traycer Systems, Inc.


  • Znode is a provider of Internet storefront software.

    Znode, Inc.

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